Monday, April 20, 2020

April 2020 Soap Challenge

This month's challenge was the tall skinny shimmy. It was fun and relulted in some very pretty if not perfect soaps. I made 6 attempts total. As I write this, my 6th attempt is still not ready to unmold and cut. I thought I would be done with 5 batches but my 21 year old daughter talked me into one more batch. I agreed if she chose the colors. It went into the oven at 2:00 am this morning. I'm pretty sure this last one will be the best but entries are due so I will have to choose from what I have.

Family favorite but batter too thick and
colors are not well mixed.

Batter too thick but it was an interesting idea

First attempt. I love the colors but only
bar has any shimmy

Fifth attempt, all bars shimmy but the
pour is sloppy in places

Second attempt. One bar has a good
shimmy but not consistant throughout.

I will come back and insert my sixth attempt later if I don't ruin it by cutting it too soon.

Here is the mold I used for most of my attempts. I really like this mold. I got it from one of our past sponsors, Winding Creek Soap and Supply, for the brush embroidery challenge. I had to modify it with inserts to make it skinny enough to work for this technique.

Here are some pictures from my various attempts:


For my sixth and unfinished attempt, I used a popsicle box for a mold and let my daughter choose the colors. The colors were inspired by the ocean and coral.

Here is the 6th attmpt. Cut a little too soon.
Popsicle box mold bows out quite a lot on
the sides so I end up wasting a lot of soap
trimming the edges straight. I really like these 

All batches were hand stired while watching episodes of Perry Mason. I am really curious about that strange art piece on his wall. I think I want that in my kitchen.

I definitely had fun with this technique and I think I am getting the hang of it better. I can't wait to see how that last batch came out! I have decided to submit my purple shimmy. I like it because it has a skinny look that I like and the shimmy is consistant through out the whole loaf.  


  1. Once again, you've produced some beautiful soaps for the challenge! I like seeing the different results and what you learned from each one. So much hand stirring - glad you could be distracted by Perry Mason for a bit. LOL! Love your entry, and hope the sixth attempt turns out amazing as well.

  2. All your soaps were pretty. I really like your entry, and I hope your sixth attempt turns out as well as you are expecting it to.